Just because you have a small screen does not mean you have to be limited to “small” features.


For technical support and development suggestions, please email  us.


The start-up page shows the User ID currently being used.


Alternatively, the Search Order page can be used to dial-in a range of different geographical locations.  YouTube videos associated with the selected region will be given listing preference. Depending on YouTube support for the selected region, the Categories page will try to first make  use of the region’s language.


Use the unsubscribe button to remove a subscription.

Video lists are supplied by YouTube in groups of 20. To extend a list with an additional 20 entries, use the “+” button.

Updating the list in groups of 20, reduces the delay when accessing YouTube over a slow internet connection.


Switch User ID.

Send video message.

Find similar or related video.

Use this button to view the video.

Add or remove video from Favorites.

Create a new Playlist. A video can later be added to the playlist.

Add a video to an existing Playlist.


Version 1.2